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“[Sachs’] Critical Point of View Stands Out as Good as Burnett’s Musical History” – Critics At Large Blogger John Corcelli

Elvis Costello and T Bone Burnett (right) at McCabe’s Guitar Shop, Santa Monica, California, 1984. (Photo: Sherry Rayn Barnett)

“In telling this story, Sachs has done roots music a great turn, in fine style” – From Songlines’ 4-Star review

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“An impressively deep and broad look at Burnett’s career,” writes Jeff Kaliss in British magazine.

Here’s the full review:

Capturing notes in words – the books that shaped the music critic

I was asked by the now defunct UK website Books Combined to write about important books in my life and career. Here it is:

“New biography of T Bone Burnett is fascinating, revealing”

Lauren Dailey, writing for Massachussetts’ South Coast Today.