Sachs and the Cinema: Introduction to the Podcast

During the late ’70s and early ’80s, I hosted the popular weekly film segment, Sachs and the Cinema, on Chicago radio. Under that banner (a wry take on the old Playboy magazine feature, “Sex and the Cinema”), I’m delighted to present an eight-part series of relaxed, unscripted, never before heard interviews from the 1980s with great directors including John Carpenter, Bernardo Bertolucci, Arthur Penn and British visionary Michael Powell. Recorded in the Windy City in hotel rooms and restaurants on Sachs’ trusty cassette recorder (forgive the occasional police siren or ringing phone!) these interviews put you in the room with these outspoken artists, who discuss their hits as well as their misses with great candor. Here’s a lavishly produced introduction to the series. (Music by Geof Bradfield. Production by Rick Riggs. Design by Genevieve Sachs.)

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