A chat with the great John Carpenter: Episode One of my new podcast “Sachs and the Cinema”

And heeeere’s Johnny!

Hear a great, never before heard chat from 1986 with the “Halloween” creator on the inaugural episode of “Sachs and the Cinema.” The one-of-a-kind director recalls being called “a pornographer of violence” and straying from making “John Carpenter films” and talks about how Spielberg’s “Temple of Doom” seemed “inflicted on the audience.” The episode is now up on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and other platforms – or you can just click here.

“Sachs and the Cinema,” which boasts rare interviews from the 1980s with such directors as Bernardo Bertolucci, Arthur Penn and British visionary Michael Powell, is a reboot of sorts of my old weekly series on Chicago radio. Credit the great DJ Bob Shulman with the title, a play on the Playboy “pictorial” feature Sex and the Cinema. Music by Geof Bradfield, production by Rick Riggs and design by Genevieve Sachs.

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